Niger state governor Abubakar Sani Bello spotted at mamaput joint in Minna

We all know that life is simple and sometimes funny. Social status might define the rich and the poor but at the end of the day, humans often long for the same things.

The average Nigerians believed that before Nigerian politician of high caliber could bring himself down to the extend of dinning and playing with the common Nigerians there is something fishy about it because they believed the Nigerian politicians only bring themselves closer to masses only when they need votes from them, this may not be far fetched from the governor of Niger state.

Abubakar Sani Bello is born into the family of Nigerian billionaire and former military governor of old Kano state Col Sani Bello (RTD), Abubakar Sani, who is the current governor of Niger state was spotted relishing on a special meal in a popular Mama-put joint in the state.

Could this be a way of satisfying the wish of his stomach or the usual way of the Nigerian politicians who normally do funny things no one can ever imagine of them doing whenever the elections are drawing closers?

On that fateful day, no one could convince Governor Sani otherwise, he was going straight to a mamaput joint with his well-tailored agbada, sitting with average Nigerians while enjoying a simple meal of swallow and native soup.

We all confirmed the unbeatable reputation of mamaput joints in Nigeria but to many Nigerians the season of Nigerian politician acting funny has arrived now as the 2019 general election is at d door now.

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