“I served with 6 Police Commissioners. Not one is from the South East. When I started, my first police commissioner was John Haruna from Taraba. When he left, he handed over to Musa Bello from Kwara. Then followed by Philemon Leha from Adamawa. Then Mutare from Kano. Then Nasarawa from Kebbi State. Finally Gware from Adamawa.

My ADC was Idris from Kano and my orderly, Manya from Taraba.

As you know, no Governor is in control of either Police or State security services.
Ask El Rufai how many Igbo people he had entrusted his personal security in their hands.

There was election in my state and I, as the sitting Governor didn’t go to arrest anybody on election day or seen moving from one Local government to the other.

As the Governor, I went to my own local government to vote and back to Awka.
El Rufai came to Anambra State on an election day and said he wants to move around the Local governments. The state security services said you can’t move around. Not even the Governor is allowed to move around.

Only accredited voters and accredited monitors in groups are allowed to move from place to place. So, for your safety, we want you to be safe, so stay in the hotel.
If you come for a party affair, you stay in the hotel which I think is right.

When I was asked after that in an interview I said now listen… I Peter wouldn’t want to be in Kaduna, for the same reason on an election day.
In my 8 years in office, go and ask them how many people were killed in my state the way people are being killed in his state”

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