After giving us 10k loan they will collect our names, number on our PVC – Lagos trader reveals

A trader who identifies himself as Tayo gave our correspondent an inside saying that, the people will come to us, collect our phone number and the number on our PVC, APC are buying our votes and the only way they knew it will work is by giving traders loans he says.

According to the federal government, APC they are targeting over 2-3 million Nigerians in each state before the end of 2018.

Speaking to journalist, Vice president Osinbajo reveals that, the federal government may be having the intension to continue offering the loans to Nigerians in the nearest future.

Atiku who is the presidential candidate under the people democratic party PDP has been slamming Osibajo, Buhari and APC over the N10,000 loan the APC and the federal government are offering to traders which is call ” the traders money”.

Atiku who says this in a statement signed and send to THEWACH NEWS, reveals that the 10k loan is the strategy the APC government are using to buy votes and the minds of Nigerians.

Atiku who advised Nigerians to ignore the loan and vote for the leader of their choice adding that their lives is not for sale.

Thousands of lagos traders have been benefiting from this APC loan without colateral, speaking with mrs Dada who sells in mile 12 market told the news correspondents that, after she collected the money she added it to her pepper business after a week she made 80k gain of sells. i urge all my fellow traders to enrol she added.

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