Our security operatives need our applause

Who can abandon the luxury and need of the family and defend the people that you don’t even share a common belief with? My answer to this question is the security operatives especially the army, they abandon their wives and children, their parents, brothers and sister etc just to protect and defend a people that do not any tie with them and in most cases the people that they defend and protect turns against them inspire of this the security operatives still remain steadfast to their duty.

The uncomfortable relaxing State Our Gallant Soldiers go through as they defend our Nation against
Boko Haram insurgency in the North-East Nigeria, militants in the south-south, IPOB etc

They have sacrificed their lives and comfort, abandon their families to the hinterlands to provide security to the Nigeria’s vulnerable populations without commiserate emoluments to the job they are doing.

We pray that May God always protect you all and give you the strength to continue to defend and protect this country Nigeria and may you all come home safely to meet your wives, children and families

We want to use this medium to tell all the security operatives in the country especially the army that we Nigerians appreciate their sacrifice to the people and the nation Nigeria at large


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