Nigeria Would Have Been Better Than Dubai If The Nigeria Government Runs Its Affairs The Way Nigerian Church Leaders Are Running The churches.

If the Nigeria government runs its affairs the way Nigerian church leaders are running their churches, Nigeria have been greater and better than Dubai and Qatar right now.

Let take Living Faith church AKA Winners Chapel as a case study.

Canaanland of Winners Chapel has stable electricity and water supply for its over 15,000 residents since 1999 and is on the verge of converting waste to electricity but the Nigeria government collect compulsory tax, vat, CIT, Pet Tax etc monthly/annually has not been able to give Nigerians light for barely two hours a day since independence till date.

Winners Chapel has over 30,000 Staff and has never owe any of their salary. Staffs are paid as at when due but Nigeria government from federal to the local government cannot pay their workers/staff as at when due inspite of the huge revenue/application they received.

Winner Chapel is a single Church that built primary, secondary schools and Higher institutions and it gives millions of scholarships to students ranging from primary to higher institutions annually. There is no hitch in the scholarship scheme and there is no sharp practices in the process.
There are other impactful facilities such as health care centres, factories etc that i would not like mentioned here now.
For Nigeria to move forward, Nigerians have to sit up and handle things the way Nigerian church leaders are handling their churches. Once we can do this in less than ten years time Nigeria will be heaven on earth.

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