What Are You Using The Money You Borrowed For? Reno Questioned President Buhari

Reno Omokri a popular political activist and aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, has thrown an interesting question to president Buhari and Nigerian.
This came after the Nigerian senate approved another $22.7 billion loan President Buhari requested the senate to approve.
Mr Reno said When former President Jonathan handed over to General Buhari on May 29, 2015, Nigeria owed ₦9 trillion, meaning each Nigerian owed ₦45,000. After 5 years of General Buhari, Nigeria now owes ₦27 trillion, meaning that each Nigerian now owes ₦135,000.

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By the time you add the $22.7 billion loan the senate approved yesterday, the debt will rise to ₦36 trillion. Meaning that each Nigerian will then owe ₦180,000. Meanwhile, how has the ₦16 trillion debt Buhari has already taken impacted your life? What is he even using the debt for? $500 million for NTA? Think about that! Even the corona virus has not done this much harm to Nigeria!

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